You Must Try these 5 Vegan Alternatives to Your Traditional Christmas Meals this Festive Season.

Cater for all your family’s eating needs by serving this vegan menu this Christmas.

Vegan Christmas
Vegan Christmas

Bubbly pork crackle, juicy golden lamb roast, and velvety smooth chocolate Christmas pudding. It’s a traditional Christmas menu that most of us would find ourselves indulging in on that one festive December day. But like most things, this traditional dinner isn’t for everyone.

As veganism rises in popularity, the traditional roast meat-style dinner is taking a plant-based turn. Baked vegetables and dairy-free Christmas puddings have taken over pork roasts and chocolate Christmas cakes. And while the transition appears to be a lot healthier, for those of us used to feeding our families meals derived from animal products, it can be difficult to know what to cook for our loved ones who do follow a vegan diet. That’s why we’ve found five alternative dishes that keep up the traditional family Christmas dinner whilst remaining suitable for everyone.

Appetiser: Crackers, Nuts, Fruits and Dip Platter
This one has no specific recipe to it. Change up your traditional cold meat platter with animal-free alternatives. This may include Ritz Crackers, rice crackers, mixed nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. You could also add a homemade vegan dip on the side. These platters can also be aesthetically appealing as there are a range of colours and shapes. You could even construct it in the form of a Christmas tree. Just note, if you’re purchasing any store-brought crackers ensure that you read all ingredients to determine whether it is vegan.

Lunch: Mushroom Wellington
If you’re a traditional Aussie family that usually eats Meat Pies for Christmas lunch, this vegan version of traditional Wellington is bound to satisfy all of your guests. Dress it up with some vegan dipping sauce or add a side of sweet potato steak-cut fries. And the best thing about it is that you can cut it into flexible portions to accommodate for all of your guests.

Get the recipe here.

Afternoon Dessert: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
This one is that good that even Santa will feast on these afternoon Christmas treats. The secret ingredient binding these scrumptious cookies together is aquafaba, which is the remaining liquid from cooked chickpeas. These cookies are the perfect mix of soft and crunchy and will leave enough space for you to still fit in dinner and evening dessert – that’s if you indulge in small portions of course.

Get your baking on here.

Dinner: Nut Roast
Did you really think I’d replace your traditional meat roast dinner with a dish that wasn’t roasted? Introducing the vegan-friendly nut roast. This roast gives you the goodness of all your favourite nuts and vegetables combined. Serve is hot for dinner, or dish out cold – whichever you decide you can splurge on it knowing that you’re consuming a mix of proteins, carbs and fibres.

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Evening Dessert: Vegan Christmas Cake
Even vegans like their chocolate. And the good thing about this cake is while it’s perfect for Christmas, you know you can whip one up all year round. This dark and rich cake includes most elements of your non-vegan chocolate cake just without its animal-product counterparts. It’s that good it’ll be gone before everyone heads on their way home.

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Cooking for everyone has never been more simple. And if you’re looking to change it up a but or are interested in more Christmas vegan recipes, you can browse the range here.