Why You Should Start a Capsule Wardrobe Right Now

Building a capsule wardrobe will save you money, time AND space!

Why You Should Start a Capsule Wardrobe Right Now

Capsule wardrobes have a lot of benefits and make choosing an outfit in the morning 10 times easier than with a regular wardrobe. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, a capsule wardrobe is when you have a small set number of clothing items that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Typically, your capsule wardrobe will last for a whole season and then you can switch out some of the items in order to make it more appropriate for the next season. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting to live a more minimalistic lifestyle or if you just want to try and break your shopping addiction.

You can make your capsule wardrobe however you want but the basic idea is to have around 30 pieces that make up your entire wardrobe each season (not including things like underwear, pyjamas and athletic clothes). A tip for starting your own capsule wardrobe is to stick to pieces that are natural coloured and can easily be paired with other items. It’s a good idea to include staple items like denim jeans, white and black t-shirts, a black dress and sneakers.

Starting a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to go shopping and buy all new clothes. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Having a capsule wardrobe can help you save money because you’re simply using what you already have in your cupboard and erasing the need to buy unnecessary clothes that you might only wear once or twice. This way you’re only buying clothes when you really need them which saves you money and is also more environmentally sustainable.

Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time and space. When you’re getting ready in the morning you no longer have to waste time sorting through all your clothes trying to put together an outfit. The advantage of a capsule wardrobe is that it’s designed so that majority of your clothes will match with each other. So, all you need to do in the morning is pull out any top and a pair of bottoms and you’re good to go. You also save space by creating your capsule wardrobe based on the season. When it’s summer you can have your summer pieces in your cupboard and store your warmer pieces elsewhere until winter.

Now that you know all about capsule wardrobes it’s time for you to create your own! Go through all your clothes and pick out the items that you get the most wear out of and can easily be paired with other items to create outfits. Make sure you don’t throw away any clothes you’re not including. You can store them else wear if you think you’ll wear them at some point or for a special occasion. If not, donate them so someone else can get use out of it!