Why Reoccurring Dreams Actually Mean More than You First Thought

A list of common dreams and what they mean

Why Reoccurring Dreams Actually Mean More than You First Thought

Although there’s plenty of research into the benefits of sleep, scientists are yet to understand why we dream or better yet, what our dreams even mean.

Being a regular visitor to Aunty Flo, a dream analyst who has written hundreds of online dream interpretations, I’m here to uncover what your subconscious mind may be trying to communicate.

Falling Teeth

Research has shown falling out teeth appears in our dreams a whopping 40% of the time. According to Flo, teeth are connected to our survival. Animals would not be able to survive in the wild without their teeth, and so losing them may be linked to feeling a loss of power or control. Depending on how your teeth were removed is also important. If they were knocked out, you may be feeling powerless to a situation in real life. Perhaps you have experienced a loss, whether that be in a relationship or a financial matter. If you simply lost your teeth or chose to pull them out, this indicates self-inflicted turmoil. You may be feeling anxious, stressed or worried in your day-to-day life.


This is another common dream, though many would refer to it as a nightmare. You may have been put in a scary situation where you feel unable to run from your pursuer. This could’ve been a person, an animal or even a zombie. Aunty Flo says the evil we are so eager to avoid represents responsibilities in the real world. The intense emotion experienced in these dreams is fear, and that means something worries you. Flo suggests people who experience such a dream should meditate to uncover what it is they’re running away from.

The Ex

Dreaming of an ex-partner is also an extremely popular dream to have, and it makes sense. The emotional bonds we create when engaging in any sort of meaningful relationship are usually there to stay, even if only subconsciously. The key word here is emotion. You may be feeling down or lonely, which has caused your mind to reflect on a period of time where you didn’t feel that way. On the contrary, you may have a new partner. In this case, don’t worry, you’re not in love with your ex! Your brain could actually be processing the happiness you feel currently, or the anxiety associated with losing your current partner.

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