WhatsApp’s New Status Feature: Another Snapchat Clone

First came Snapchat and then the rest followed.

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Eight years ago, the most popular messaging service that we know as WhatsApp was born, and to celebrate its birthday, the creators have just rolled out a new feature: users will now be able to share the once ‘text-only’ statuses as images and videos with all their contacts.

Most of its 1.2 billion monthly users were not happy about the news.

Launched on the 24th of February, the feature allows you to upload different kinds of media to your status that will remain visible for 24 hours. Videos can last up to 45 seconds and you can skip them by just tapping on the screen. There is a view count and you can see who has seen your status by swiping upwards.

It’s pretty much like Instagram Stories. Oh wait, no, Snapchat.

Ever since Facebook failed to buy Snapchat, it seems like the company has been trying to do everything in their power to replicate its characteristics as a way of diminishing its uniqueness. First they came up with Instagram Stories and then they added it to Messenger, though nobody really jumped on that latter bandwagon.

Ever since the new feature rolled out, WhatsApp customers have taken to social media to vent out their disappointment with the company, generally stating their preference for the old version of status updates and hinting at their failed attempt at copying Snapchat.

It’s still early to tell, but it seems like the app will face a bit of a rough patch this next quarter. That’s what the evidence on Twitter seems to suggest, at least…

Here are some examples:

Dear Whatsnap, I need my WhatsApp status back! Copying snapchat is making you worse.
#WhatsappStories #WhatsAppnewupdate
— Shubhra Sharma (@shubhra95) February 24, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy snapchat, they said no. Now he wants to destroy it
— Fidele Bile (@Fidy95) February 21, 2017

WhatsApp – can I copy your homework?”
Snapchat – yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied#WhatsApp – Okay
— SAGARIKA (@Swaggericca) February 24, 2017

#MyTakeOnNewWhatsapp what will happen to those who broke up and continued to talk through whatsapp status? What will they use now pic.twitter.com/4wqGt53Mki
— ThatGuyOman? (@omanjames8) February 24, 2017

Don’t update to the new Whatsapp Issa trap? #mytakeonnewwhatsapp
— Ndumiso Mbatha (@_NDuE_) February 24, 2017

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