What To Wear This Spring

There’s no harm in getting a head start on your spring shopping.

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Straw Bags

While it may feel like Australia is still in the depths of winter, there have been a few recent days that have felt positively spring-like. And if there’s one thing sure to cure those wintry blues, it’s loading up on the best fashion essentials for spring. Here’s the lowdown on the top three trends en route next season.

Straw Bags

Go to the Instagram page of any fashion blogger in the northern hemisphere and you’ll immediately spy some iteration of this item. Make it cross body, handheld, oversized, or over-the-shoulder, it’s all straw! If you really want to make a statement, consider a basket bag when the weather gets warmer.

Wide Leg Pants

From straight leg jeans to oversized wide leg trousers, skinny pants have been usurped by their roomier cousins. Perfect for when the weather gets warm, wide leg pants are going to become a staple in your spring wardrobe. For those really hot days, go for an ultra-cool linen look.

Wrap Tops

Wear them cropped, wear them not, but wrap tops and dresses are going to be a major staple garment this spring. Made popular thanks to the infamous Reformation dress (you know the one I mean), wrapping yourself up in this style of shirt is going to keep you on trend all spring long. For bonus style points, make sure your shirt has bell sleeves too.

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