Wedding Pants for Brides who Don’t dig Dresses

The new trend for those walking down the aisle

Advertisement,, crowd ink, crowdink, Fashion Article Wedding Pants (Image Source: style.nine)
Fashion Article Wedding Pants (Image Source: style.nine)

Fashion trends always come and go, with your wedding day being one of the most important fashion choices of your life, especially for the woman.

While some women choose an understated dress as others choose something extravagant. Some choose a dress that is white, while others do not. Flowing? Figure hugging? Two piece? One piece? There are so many options there; it can seem overwhelming to count.

But now there is a new wedding outfit trend for women to choose from in wedding…pants. That’s right! Pants are no longer just for grooms. Brides can wear them too.

From Oscar de la Renta to Viktor and Rolf, New York Bridal Fashion Week displayed an array of different wedding pants suits for alternative thinking brides.

To check out the new bridal looks, check out this slide show to see all the options high-end designers have thought up and this video showing the eight 2017 fall trends in bridal fashion (the wedding pants are no. 3).