Watch Twin Peaks, But Take it Slow

The newest series of Twin Peaks has just been released, but new fans should be prepared for what’s to expect.

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Twin Peaks Cast

David Lynch excited fans recently with the highly anticipated release of a brand new season Twin Peaks. It’s been 25 years since we last caught up with Agent Dale Cooper, but the new release has come at the perfect times for new and old fans.
As is with all Lynchian works, the show, focusing on the murder of high school student Laura Palmer, flaunts a surrealist style interwoven among the drama plot.
The reprise is bound to bring about new viewers quick to check out the older series as well as the prequel film, Fire Walk with Me.
But the thing new viewers need to know is that it may be a little tough.
While many adore the series, and a number of shows claim to have been heavily influenced by its style and themes (take the latest Riverdale, for example), it’s not something that can be binge watched over the weekend.
Twin Peaks is painstakingly exhausting, confusing and slow. The plot if filled with a number of nonsensical scenes which can aggravate anyone looking for a quick easy watch. But that’s what makes it so great. It’s not something you can consume as quick as a take-away meal, you need to digest it slowly.
So take your time with the show, day by day, let it simmer and marinate before you decide to get bored and switch off.
And then check out the new season, streaming now on Stan.