War Dogs is the Early 2000’s Wolf of Wall Street

How two Miami stoners landed one of the most infamous government contacts in history.

War Dogs (Image Source: moviemasti24.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink, movies, review
War Dogs (Image Source: moviemasti24.com)

In a misguided effort to stop ‘jerking off guys for money,’ and help finance his newly growing family – insert unplanned pregnant girlfriend – David Packouz joins an international gun running business with his childhood best friend Efraim Diveroli.

Brought to moviegoers by the same director who helped create The Hangover Trilogy, War Dogs, follows a similar story arc of old best friends thrust unknowingly into a chaotic underworld they aren’t completely prepared to navigate.

Similar only if you swap out Vegas for Iraq and hookers for Albanian arms dealing sociopaths.

Starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as the duo that becomes the world’s most unexpected government funded gun-runners, War Dogs, is equal parts hilarious, informative and stoner-bro film.

Iraq (Image Source: theguardian.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink, movie reviews, movies
Iraq (Image Source: theguardian.com)

The plot-line helps to explain how the twenty-something nobodies from Miami, Florida, launched AEY, an – essentially fake – arm deal business that bid on small government contract jobs for pennies on the dollar – turning them into overnight millionaires.

Then they landed the big one – the Afghan Deal – that included providing the U.S. army with hundreds of millions of bullets to be delivered to U.S. troops during the Iraq war. A contract they won, with virtually no experience and forged documents for $300 million USD.

This absurd based-on-a-true-story, was surprisingly great, and the acting by Teller and Hill brought the film up-a-notch where other actors might have fallen short.

Gun Range (Image Source: thegaurdian.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowdink, crowd ink
Gun Range (Image Source: thegaurdian.com)

The real life Packouz helped on the film to give back-story, but Diveroli wanted nothing to do with it. In true fashion of the character Hill portrayed in the movie, Diveroli wrote his own version of events and is suing the movie studio who produced War Dogs for ‘stealing’ material from his tell-all novel. Sure, dude.

If you’re looking for a story as nuts as America’s current political situation – look no further than War Dogs. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn something, and you’ll begin to understand how on earth Trump might be president – we’re admittedly a bit corrupt…