Want a Flawless Natural Foundation Look?

Crystal Dawson, a leading beauty and makeup educator, gives us the secrets to a flawless natural foundation look.

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Want a Flawless Natural Foundation Look?

Forget about buying a host of expensive products that cost your entire allowance. Getting a flawless look with your foundation comes down to getting the basics right.

There are just 3 simple rules to applying your base.

Clean and Prep. Prepare your skin by using your skincare products to their full advantage. Always cleanse to clear dirt and use a good exfoliant. It’s key to lifting dead skin and giving you an amazing glow.

Apply a barrier. Choose the correct moisturiser for your skin. This will act as a barrier under your foundation and help it to glide on evenly. When choosing moisturiser, consider the season, condition of your skin and allergies. If you’re unsure, always check with a skin care professional. Investing in a good moisturiser will provide the best base from which to apply makeup. Grocery store products have few active ingredients. If you can purchase it for the price of a Mars Bar it’s not going to do that much for your skin.

Use light layers. When applying your favorite foundation, start with thin layers, and blend. Many girls find foundation tricky to get right, but the secret to a flawless look is to build the colour.

This ensures an even coverage without that ‘caked on’ look. It’s much easier to add than take away when it comes to makeup. Liquid, powder, or BB cream the choice is up to you. For special events, you can also add a layer of primer under your foundation to help ‘set’ your foundation and further even out the skintone without a heavy look.