Top 5 Trending Business Ideas in 2021

Check out these top 5 trending business ideas to see how you can take advantage of 2020!

Top 5 Trending Business Ideas in 2020
  1. Home-Based Catering and Meals

When restaurants and café establishments were forced to shut their doors, and turn to a new system of takeaway services only we saw a rapid rise in gourmet meals and the restaurant experience being delivered and catered to in our own homes. The consumers in lockdown were searching for options to satisfy their local restaurant favourites without having to leave the house. Many local establishments now provide full-course meals with some even including menus that would usually be given when dining in. If this business venture interests you maybe start by building a website or posting your culinary skills on social media.

2. Online Education Services

We have seen to parents struggling to teach their children from home. Online education services and tutoring have seen to be essential when schooling in lockdown. Not only are there plenty of tutoring platforms you can join but it is also so simple to offer your own services online and across job markets. Ensure that you stick to your areas of expertise and have evidence to show it, such as a university degree, a short course or even previous professional experience.

3. Digital Marketing and SEO Consultancy

With businesses now operating primarily online, digital marketing and effective search engine optimisation techniques has become greatly important for businesses to maintain sales and build their consumer base. There is so many opportunities to cash in on your SEO skills and digital marketing strategies as businesses are searching for services to support their company and continue to build their brand even during the pandemic.

4. Virtual Reality Experiences and Services

The virtual world has never been more utilised until the year 2021. With more and more companies transferring their business models into virtual simulations and experiences it is a great opportunity to step into the market that is virtual and augmented reality. 2021 has seen to real-estate companies now giving virtual reality tours and even festivals offering augmented reality experiences so people can still virtually attend concerts.

5. Coffee Subscription!

Wow – now don’t we know this has all saved us. Small coffee subscription businesses have popped up across the web this year, providing customers to curate their ideal coffee order. With customers able to specify how much coffee they want, how often they want deliveries and the type of coffee they would like has allowed customers to continue to follow social-distancing laws whilst still getting their coffee fix delivered to their home on a regular basis. This subscription model is transferrable across business models and is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of during this time.

What trending business ideas have you seen this year? And what business trends will you take advantage of?