Top 5 Plants to Grow Indoors

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Top 5 Plants to Grow Indoors

Plants are one of the liveliest ways to spruce up a living space and they add a wonderful and calming energy tin your life. And while the easy way out of having to take care of a plant is to buy a fake one, after looking at this list of indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain, you’ll be rushing to your nearest nursery in no time!

1.Monstera – One of the most popular indoor plants, Monsteras bloom beautiful big leaves that look like you’re walking in a tropical resort. Monsteras love sunlight so placing it near a window is ideal for the plant to thrive. Monsteras need watering only every 1-2 weeks and is generally pest free!

2. Devil’s Ivy – Devil’s Ivy is a fast-growing vine with waxy, heart shaped leaves. The beautiful marble on the leaves looks like a painting, perfect to put on your desk or a side table. Devil’s Ivy’s are relatively now maintenance, needs watering only once a week and every other week during winter. Pruning the plant is best done in spring and summer so that your plant is sure to look its best.

3. Jade Plant – Jade Plants are small trees that grow waxy, tear shaped leaves. They can survive without any attention for a month as the leaves retain water themselves! Like Monsteras, Jade plants love sunlight, so anywhere close to natural light is perfect for your Jade.

4. Aloe – Aloes, like most succulents, do best in dry conditions and have great medicinal benefits! Sunlight is key and making sure you use good soil is important. Also remember not to water your Aloe too often, as it might drown. Other than that, Aloes are very easy to maintain and provide soothing relief from burns and other small wounds!

5. Cacti – Probably one of the easiest plants to look after, Cacti are cute little spiky succulents that love natural light! They come in a variety in shapes, colours and sizes, adding a natural pop of colour to your home! Needing only to be watered once a week in summer and spring and every three weeks during the colder seasons, your little spiky friend will be thriving for a very long time!

These 5 plants make up just a small amount of the easiest indoor plants to add in your home. Is your favourite plant listed here? If not, what’s yours?