Tips to Trend this Racing Season

Spring Racing trends and how to get the look on a budget

Racing Fashion (Image Source: perthnow),,, crowdink, crowd ink
Racing Fashion (Image Source: perthnow)

As it nears the end of October we realise all too suddenly that it is spring racing season already! With the year flying by so fast, it’s hard to keep up and you still haven’t saved your winning fashions on the field pennies…

Well don’t lose hope just yet, here are some sneaky hacks to getting the new season style on a, let’s just say, student budget.

Key trends for this years Spring Racing Carnival according to Melbourne’s Spring Fashion Week…

  • Vibrant colours (Melbourne Cup)
  • Soft pastel colours (Oaks day)
  • Solid black and white’s (Derby day)
  • Lace
  • Off-shoulder
  • Embellishments
  • Draping
  • Chokers
  • Statement headpieces
  • Up-do’s
  • Ponytails with braids
  • Metallic accessories

The standout fashion label favourites during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week during August 26 – September 2 this year were Thurley and C/MEO Collective.

These collections, which will inspire 2016’s spring race wear, featured exquisite lace dresses, off-the-shoulder looks, detailed patterns, intricate embellishments, bold colours and edgy cut-outs.

Not to forget of course, the most important accompaniment to any spring racing season outfit are the accessories. Accessories play a major role in racing fashion. Along with the amazing fascinators and hats that let’s be honest, either make or break the entire outfit, other accessories are very trendy at the moment which include metallic or floral headpieces, chokers and even jeweled headwear.

Now I know if you’re reading this, you’re contemplating going to the races this year am I right? And I bet you have already opened new tabs with the websites of Thurley and C/MEO Collective on your browser… that’s what I did when I discovered these fashion labels and wow, are they pricey.

If you are aged between the ages of 18-30, and you’re still running around in circles trying to figure out where you are in life (like me), surely you don’t have enough moolah to buy the fashion brands that Spring Fashion Week showcased? Then again maybe you do, in which case I applauded you.

Nonetheless, if you’re wanting to step through the white gates of horses and hats looking fabulous but are as stingy as me, I think it’ll be for the best if we cheat our way to becoming the trendy and cashed-up goddesses we are for this years racing shenanigans.

If your budget for a outfit is under $250, you can substitute all the designer brand headpieces, jewellery, shoes and outfits, for similar styles that can be found in many affordable and well-known stores such as Colette Hayman for fashion accessories and trendy handbags, Forever New, which has always flaunted pastel colours that are perfect for Oaks Day, and even Topshop which is sporting the radiant colours you need for the Melbourne Cup, such as cannery yellows, blood oranges and sapphire blues.

Sometimes it’s good to cheat your way through. It means you still have money to bid on a horse or two and enter fashions on the fields, it’s fun, and you never know, you might just win!

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