The Ultimate Parisian Style Guide: Éditions M.R

We have always liked the way the French dress. But now we love them. Meet Éditions M.R.

Editions M.R. [image source:], crowdink, crowd ink,,
Editions M.R. [image source:]

Éditions M.R, the French menswear label known for its straightforward, masculine styles rendered with a Parisian twist, focus on the craftsmanship of its ready-to-wear garments and a further venturing into the fashion-forward lifestyle.

Co-designers, Best friends

Rémi de Laquintane and Mathieu de Ménonville, the minds behind the Melinda Gloss menswear brand, were friends first and co-designers of their label second. As teenagers, they would obsess over interior designers Jean-Charles Moreux and Jean-Michel Frank together, study recordings of James Dean reading poetry together, fawn over pictures of Gainsbourg and Birkin at cool Parisian hangouts such as La Louisiane together – and most importantly – have shirts and suits made by the local tailor together.

Pretty cool friends, huh?

“Our approach to menswear always starts with everyday life. There is a sort of essentialism in our collections, they say.” Each piece corresponds to a need, a moment of life, an experience, so it always has a function.

The Parisian Twist

It is fair to say that the look of Éditions M.R owes a lot to a particular kind of Parisian cool; double-breasted blazers come paired with quirky vintage-inspired printed shirts, neatly tailored pants with sporty Harrington jackets -the vibe is au courant, nonchalant and classic all at once.

In terms of designs, the two designers have done an extraordinary job of combining Lanvin, Yves Saint-Laurent for their ‘deconstructed Japanese’ style and funky Dries Van Noten colors. It is simple yet elaborately worked, poetic and erotic, conservative, close fitting, sensual, masculine, and casual.

“What we aim to offer is a selection of very precise pieces that can be a bit roughed up, and will live with their owner,” they say. “But mostly our vision of menswear makes sense as part of a way of life. Our fans belong to this vague and endless community of people connected by their varied interests; enjoying a beautiful coat, a good glass of cognac, or a movie premiere in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.”

The next Éditions M.R collection – AW2016-17 – will be available in June 2016.

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