The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Isn’t Green (Spoiler: It’s Tony Abbott)

Tony Abbott really is the Grinch who stepped into the wrong bar and sucked the merry right out of the Green Party's holiday.

Tony Abbott the Grinch ,
Tony Abbott the Grinch (Image Source: The Age)

The holidays are a time for unwinding, for celebrating family, friends, and like minded people, and for kicking off your heels with coworkers. That’s right, it’s Christmas Office Party season. CrowdInk recently released an article outlining the dos and don’ts at your holiday do this year. We seem to have left out a rather important point:

Don’t turn up to a competing party’s party.

Come on, Tony Abbott.

In the past several weeks, Abbott, in his trademark refusal to just bow out of politics and the limelight, has made some pretty serious comments regarding “muslim reformation” and how all cultures “are not equal.” He’s really been spreading the Christmas cheer. Not really the reason for the season, Mr. Abbott.

So imagine the Green Party’s surprise when, you guessed it, Tony Abbott walked into their holiday do at the Alexandria Hotel in Sydney on December 15. Abbott seemed to have genuinely turned up for dinner and a few drinks with a colleague. But, as the night wore on, was in no hurry to leave. He stayed for four hours.

MPs representing the Green Party at the event are thought to include Jenny Leong, Mehreen Faruqi, and Jamie Parker. For the most part, Green Party members gave the ex-Prime Minister a wide berth. However, Alex Turnbull (no relation to our current Prime Minister) did speak out about Abbott’s recent islamophobia attack. The conversation ended peacefully, but probably rather uncomfortably.

So if you find yourself making a little Christmas office party faux-pas this year, don’t worry too much. You could be Abbott.

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