The Best Christmas Party Playlist

CeeLo’s Magic Moment, CeeLo Green,, crowd ink, crowdink
CeeLo’s Magic Moment, CeeLo Green

Orphan Christmas’ sound super depressing, but are actually the best part of the holiday. In the States, our equivalent is “Friendsgiving,” which is basically capitalising on the idea that family doesn’t end in blood. Friendsgiving and Orphan Christmas’ are a chance to celebrate with family you’ve chosen, not just the family you’re born with.

And, let’s be honest, they tend to be a little wilder than most family get-togethers. SO. This brings us to how to celebrate in style: music. The playlist should be festive, but danceable. It should be celebratory, but also just easy, good listening.

Here are our choices for Christmas albums with a little more flair than the old White Christmas album. (Though a throwback to Bing Crosby when things start winding down is never a bad idea.)

‘CeeLo’s Magic Moment’, CeeLo Green

Why: CeeLo Green in a ‘sleigh-mobile’ flying through a deep purple sky behind a cavalry of white horses. Also the Muppets feature in ‘All I Need is Love.’ Enough said.

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ Vince Guaraldi Trio

Why: Some instrumental music during dinner is essential. You don’t want to lose the train of conversation in getting lost in lyrics. Also, if you don’t think ‘Christmas Time is Here’ is the best Christmas song of all time, fight me. Childhood in 4/4 time.

‘Punk Goes Christmas,’ Various (But My Chemical Romance and All American Rejects feature)

Why: Christmas is about nostalgia. And also beer pong. And being nostalgic about the first time you played beer pong. Just look up a Punk Goes Christmas playlist on Youtube and let it play, because there were a few years’ worth of albums. And every single one is sure to have you reaching for a studded belt and black eyeliner. (You know, if you were at some point a Hawthorne Heights, Warped Tour, and/or Hot Topic kind of person.) [Don’t judge.]

‘Merry Christmas,’ Mariah Carey

Why: Did you really think the Queen wasn’t going to make this list? Soulful, a vocal range that can’t be matched (looking at you Ariana), and legs that were insured for a million bucks. This album is for mistletoe. And also lipsyncing. Maybe keep it off the karaoke list though.

‘That’s Christmas to Me,’ Pentatonix

Why: Unless you’ve been living under a rather isolated boulder for the last three years, you’ve probably heard of Pentatonix. They’re an a cappella group that have had a few singles go viral recently. Their Christmas album is amazing, crossing pop, classical, jazz, and R&B in a refreshingly up-tempo, beautifully arranged score. Check it out.

Happy Holidays from CrowdInk, from our ears to yours!

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