The Beaches you must see… Featuring Black Sand

Dip your toes into the black sand

The Beaches you must see…. Featuring Black Sand

Forget running your feet through the soft sandy yellow tones at the beach. It’s time to venture on a journey of a lifetime at these monotone beaches.

Punaluu Beach, Hawaii.

This beach is voted as the top black sand beach in the world, the black sand upon this beach was created by lava from volcanos that once flowed into the ocean and when cooled the black sand was what was left. This beach is populated with Hawksbill turtles and Green sea turtles, so you’ll be sure to see some new friends around.

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Maui.

Another of Hawaii’s famous black sand beaches, also created from the remains of a volcano. This beach is home to beautiful sights unlike any other, surrounding the shore are many caves and bridges that have been formed from natural rock over time and you can also see the remains of an old highway that once circled around the island.

Black Sand Beach, Lost Coast, California.

A beautiful coast that stretches about 80 miles, one of the lightest travelled coasts there is. This beach is surrounded by peaks over 2000 feet high, with the highest called King’s Peak, standing at 4,087 feet. A beach that provides scenes unlike any other, a perfect place to go for a hike with sights of beautiful water, sand and cliffs accompanied by shores of black sand.