The 5 Most Effective Leadership Styles

Leading a team to success relies on the ability to satisfy, motivate and engage employees.

The 5 Most Effective Leadership Styles

Leadership styles come in different shapes and sizes, just like an individual. Adopting the right style for your team can help with communicating and building a group that are inspired by their leader to achieve their best work.

Here are the top 7 most effective leadership styles to utilise;

  1. Authoritative style

Authoritative style leads with authority. The focus is on the leader to make decisions that must be made for the team. There is a clear chain of command which is followed by all employees. This type of leadership style creates consistent results, as specific instructions are followed and allows for quick decision making.

2. Democratic style

Democratic style is often used with HR leaders. It relies on the input of managers and employees before making a decision. It is a participation-based style that benefits from including and hearing other ideas and thoughts.

3. Pacesetting style

Pacesetting style leads be example. The leader sets the pace (sets the bar) for how work should be achieved. The quality, speed and performance that the leader demonstrates will need to be replicated by other employees. It ensures high results are being achieved within the business.

4. Coaching style

Coaching style is a mentor leader. This type of leadership style focuses on training and educating staff to continuously improve. It is a time and energy-based leadership that invests in their employees in the long-term. They adapt their leadership style to the situation of the team.

5. Transactional style

Transactional style is a reward/punishment system. It is centred around efficiency and results instead of building team relationships and rapport. It uses incentives to motivate the team, by giving intrinsic or extrinsic rewards for good performance.

Leadership styles should set out to influence and guide individuals to be self-motivated and productive and is different for each team dynamic.

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