tech21 Combines Science, Engineering and British Design to Create Products That Address Three Core Consumer Benefits.

It’s so thin and lightweight, users will forget they have a case.

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CrowdINK had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with John Doughty, tech21 CEO.

Crowd Media: What does “Designed for Samsung” mean and how has this affected your design process?

John Doughty: Working in collaboration with Samsung ensures our new range of impact protection products have been carefully designed to meet Samsung’s stringent requirements for functionality, usability and reliability. In short, Designed for Samsung is the Samsung seal of approval.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Tech21 Impact Shield Anti Scratch for Samsung Galaxy S8
Tech21 Impact Shield Anti Scratch for Samsung Galaxy S8

CM: What was the biggest challenge in designing impact protection for the new Samsung S8 and S8+? 

JD: With our mission to create the most intelligent impact protection on the planet at the core of everything we do, the most challenging aspect of designing for the Samsung S8 and S8+ was producing our first edge screen shield in a way that not only maintained our high standards of quality, but exceeded them.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Tech21 Pure Clear, Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear
Tech21 Pure Clear, Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear

What we came up with, the Impact Shield Anti-Scratch, is a screen protector that offers the outstanding protection of our BulletShield™ technology and a patented application process that makes bubble-free application easy and banishes the poor experience some users have had with curved screen shields in the past.

CM: What is FlexShock™ and how is it used?

JD: FlexShock™ is the result of a constant evolution in impact protection, replacing what were once state-of-the-art materials with new technology. Where less efficient materials allow the force of drops to pass straight through to your phone, FlexShock™ uses the world’s most advanced impact protection material to absorb and dissipate impact force, ensuring your device continues to work as intended.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Tech21 Evo - Samsung Galaxy S8+, Light Blue
Tech21 Evo Check – Samsung Galaxy S8+, Light Blue

The best part is, the strength and flexibility of FlexShock™ means you don’t need much of it to provide amazing protection. This is how our tech21 cases can be up to 30% thinner and 60% lighter than others, while still providing the best possible protection.

CM: How did you come up with the world’s clearest case? How is it different from other transparent cases?

JD: Pure Clear was developed on the back of scientific research undertaken at tech21’s unique R&D facilities at the National Physical Laboratory. Thanks to this research we developed a high-quality case that is significantly more transparent than any other clear case available today. Additionally, our case has a unique anti scratch layer, to ensure the product remains clear and scratch-free, ensuring your device always looks its very best. Our revolutionary design offers 3.7 times more effective protection than the current market leading case, yet is 50% thinner and 50% lighter.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Tech21 Evo - Samsung Galaxy-S8+, Rose Tint
Tech21 Evo Check – Samsung Galaxy-S8+, Rose Tint

CM: What inspired this focus on clarity and transparency?

JD: Listening to our users, we knew it was important to have a near invisible case which doesn’t compromise phone performance. It’s so thin and lightweight, users will forget they have a case.

Check out the full range here.


John Doughty,,, crowd ink, crowdink
John Doughty,  tech21 CEO