The Teaser Trailer for Disney’s New Beauty and the Beast is Here

Disney’s at it again, and we’re still getting as excited as we did when we were kids.

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Beauty and the Beast 2016

Disney recently released the official teaser trailer for their live-action remake of their all-time classic animated film, Beauty and the Beast. Directed by Oscar winner Bill Condon, the film will be a retelling of the 1991 original – it’s a quarter of a century later and we’re still just as excited about it as ever.

Disney has promised that they’ll be staying true to the original tunes (which we’ll be holding them to), as well as adding in a few new songs to suit its contemporary audience.

Emma Watson will star as the film’s main character, Belle, and we’re seriously looking forward to seeing a new, musical side of the Harry Potter star. Even if the movie turns out to be no good (which we highly doubt), we’re yet to ever regret watching a movie with Emma Watson in it.

Other noteworthy stars to feature in the film are Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as the beast, Kevin Kline as the friendly inventor Maurice, Luke Evans as the chiselled Gaston, and Emma Thompson as the bubbly teapot, Mrs. Potts.

The teaser trailer is exactly that – teasing. It shows us enough of the ornate castle interiors, glittering chandeliers and gloomy exteriors to get us on the edge of our seats, but isn’t giving too much away just yet. We catch a glimpse of Emma Watson’s face from behind a bright red rose, and then the words “Be Our Guest” flash at the end. Alright then Disney, we’ll see if we can pencil you in somewhere for March next year. It’s not as if we already have it in our countdown app…

The official release date for the film in the US is March 17th, 2017. It’s a long wait, so I guess we’re just going to have to watch the teaser over and over again to keep ourselves at bay.

Take a look at the Official US Teaser Trailer here;