Susan Trudinger’s inspiring Aussie Art


Susan Trudinger has being creative all her life, drawing inspiration from nature and the lush landscapes Australia has to offer. Painting and drawing allow Susan to live in the present and contribute beauty by bringing was Australia has to offer, to life. Susan studied fine arts and has created art in many forms from impressionism to ceramics. She has been involved in numerous exhibitions and sold her work in markets, craft shops and galleries. Her lively paintings create a world full of colour, and her unique style paints Australia in a fun-loving light.

 When did you start painting?

I started painting when I was a teenager and studied Art at school, in my final year I was awarded the art prize for year 12.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from nature with its ever changing seasons and beauty, I have a deep spiritual connection with the landscape around me and I also draw from memory the years I have spent just looking, I am always looking and creating paintings in my mind. I also look at a lot of art work and photography from which I gain many of my ideas for colour and composition. When I work on a still life it is the stillness and quietness of objects and flowers that attracts me to paint that subject matter.

How did your style evolve into what it is today?

My style evolved naturally from my many experiences of life and life circumstances. Now that I have more time to paint, each work flows from one to next in a mainly instinctive manner. When the flow abates I try something else, from which a flow begins again. I am always seeking different ways to interpret the landscape and still life both of which have endless possibilities for exploration

Do you ever take time to re-visit ceramics? And do you miss it?

No I don’t re-visit ceramics. I pursued ceramics when I was living in Armidale NSW and was a full-time mother. After moving to Armidale I lost the will to paint, the motivation had just dried up so I thought I would pursue a different medium. I still like looking at ceramics but I don’t miss it, it is a very labour intensive craft.

You work with acrylic, watercolour pencils, ink, gouache and charcoal. Do you have a preference?

My preference is working in acrylic on stretched canvas. I create a lot of smaller works on paper in mixed media when there is time pressure. Now that time pressure is not so much an issue for me I have recently just been working with acrylic.

What’s your favourite colour to paint with? And why?

I love all colour and I am particularly drawn to the bright and bold. I love experimenting with different colour combinations particularly when I am painting a semi abstract piece.

Is there any landscape or region in particular that you find inspiring?

My landscapes are universal but I think a lot of my work is still influenced by my years in Armidale. It is the countryside I love. In Canberra there are so many birds and a great deal of natural bushland and mountains so I am inspired by these elements as well.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions for your work?

I have a group exhibition coming up in July with 10 other Canberra women artists.

More of Susan’s work is available at online at Art Lovers.

Meadow Magpies No 1 by Susan Trudinger
Meadow Magpies No 1 by Susan Trudinger