Stretch Out Your Swiping Fingers: How You Can Get Tinder-ing For a Good Cause This V-Day

Help out by heading out on a date.

Stretch Out Your Swiping Fingers: How You Can Get Tinder-ing For a Good Cause This V-Day

If you’re without a lover or friend to spend Valentine’s Day with, then the good people over at Tinder HQ have given you all the more reason to go out and find a date.

Tinder have teamed up with Australian Venue Co. to provide a selection of fine institutions to head out to for some wine and dine action with one of (or maybe even more if you organise yourself well enough) your matches from the app. At any one of the 15 venues across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Tinder will match your bill up to $100 and donate straight to Firesticks – an organisation whose focus is to teach Indigenous and non-Indigenous people about cultural burning techniques to re-invigorate their use, to help manage fire heading into the future.

Just in case that wasn’t enough to get you swiping, they’ve also organised for you and your date to have a drink each on the house, to the value of $25.
How you play this is up to you. My advice: don’t worry about finding a perfect match! You need a mutual right-swiper, obviously, but who says they have to be someone you’d consider a second date with on a normal day?

If you end up sharing part of your night with a dud date, take as an act of philanthropy. You might not have met the one, but find comfort in knowing that while indulging a nice glass of red, or some fancy grub, that the money you’re doing it with is going to an extremely worthy cause.

So head out tonight and take up the chance to treat yourself while benefitting the greater good of this gorgeous country. Take one for the team, head out with the person you’ve been chatting to for a while or find someone new you like. Who knows, you might even find the one.
What are you waiting for? Get your phone out already.

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