Stand out and get Noticed: 5 Ways to Improve Your Resume.

Digitisation and online portals have made applying for jobs more competitive than ever.

Stand out and get Noticed: 5 Ways to Improve Your Resume.

Before online tools became the core of job application processes, people had the option of promoting themselves face-to-face. It was their chance to stand out from the crowd and show off their personality.

Applying for a job now, solely relies on a piece of paper that encapsulates your skills, education and achievements.

What about the characteristics that can’t be demonstrated on a piece of paper? Like, your work ethic, personality, drive and your ability to understand and connect.

Here are 5 creative ways to make your resume stand out;

  1. Cover Letter Video

Showcase your personality in a video Cover Letter (CV). This is your chance to express yourself and add personality flare to your resume. It gives you the change to make a memorable video for employers to remember you.

  • Contact HR directly

If you’re interested in a certain business or industry, don’t wait for a call back. If you are able to, contact HR and ask to meet up or go for a coffee. Not only does this show your interest, but you will definitely grab their attention.

  • Colour Blocking

Adding colour to your resume doesn’t have to be tacky. Colour blocking is one of the newest trends for sprucing up the layout of a resume. It is aesthetically pleasing and draws attention because it is different.

  • Concise

The average person has an attention span of eight seconds. Which is why it is important to be clear and concise to keep them engaged. Avoid long, unnecessary jargon and get straight to the point.

  • Customise

Never use the same resume for different jobs. Each resume should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. To do this, reference back to the job description in your cover letter or reword your resume to better suit the outline of the job.

It’s time to regain your competitive edge and follow the five-C’s to a better resume.