Splendour In The Grass: The Essential Packing List

Check your bag and then check it again to make sure you’ve got all you need for this year’s Splendour.

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Splendour In The Grass

For those of you lucky enough to be escaping to Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass 2017, you need to know just what essentials you’ll need. We’ve got a quick round up of the things you really won’t want to go without.

The Cosmetic

Dry shampoo and baby wipes. With such a great line-up, you don’t want to be waiting for hours in a queue to have a shower, so skip the plumbing. The savvy Splendour camper can stretch baby wipes and dry shampoo out for the duration of the festival.

Glitter is always a must. Costumes are fun, but just adding glitter to any outfit will make it instantly Splendour-worthy.

Toothbrushes aren’t glamorous or fun, but trust me, when it gets to the end of the day, having clean teeth will keep you feeling human.

The Fashion

Gumboots. There’s a reason why Splendour 2015 is known as Splendour in the Mud, and the weather in Byron Bay can be just as unpredictable as Melbourne, so better be safe than sorry.

Layer up with clothes that you can easily roll up into a backpack or just tie around your waist.

A small backpack to wear throughout the day is perfect for storing snacks, drinks, and those extra layers for when the weather turns a little less friendly.

The Ultimate Essentials

Pack as many socks as you think you’ll need, and then pack some more.

Zip-lock bags could save your phone on a rainy day. They’re also great for snacking on the go, so you don’t miss any acts lining up for the food vans.

Garbage bags are going to make the sad trip home a lot cleaner, dryer, and all around more pleasant. Perfect for stashing your damp gumboots and ponchos.