A Simple Way to Save Your Furniture

A quick and simple way to revamp your favourite household furniture.

Drawers (Image Source: King George Homes), crowdink.com.au, crowdink.com, crowd ink, crowdink
Drawers (Image Source: King George Homes)

We all have favourite pieces of furniture, but sometimes they need a little bit of tender loving care to keep them in tip top condition. If you like to dabble in a bit of easy DIY in your home, then you’ll find the Fix a Drawer does exactly what it says.

All you need to do is apply the Fix a Drawer to the base of the drawer providing that additional support, and stopping the base of the drawing bending and collapsing, which also allows it to hold a heavier weight of content. It’s so simple to fit and the only tools you will need are a screwdriver.

This will certainly prolong the life of your favourite pieces of furniture.

Key Features:

  • Mending a sagging drawer enabling it to be used properly
  • Allowing a drawer to hold a heavier weight of content
  • Is adjustable from a small cabinet to queen divan drawer
  • It can’t be seen from the front
  • It will save you money by being able to utilise existing drawers
  • So easy to install and can be used on varying width of drawers up to 62cm (24”)
  • The two pack is sufficient to mend two drawers
  • It comes with all fittings and instructions
  • The weight is only 90g

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