Simple Tips That can Help you Save big Bucks When Grocery Shopping

Save money every week on groceries by using these simple and effective cost-saving hacks.

Simple Tips that Can Help You Save Big Bucks when Grocery Shopping

It’s scaring how easy it is to very quickly overspend at the grocery store, particularly on items you didn’t even go there for. As Australia has entered into an economic recession, it’s more important than ever to start being smarter with your money. An easy way to save money is through grocery shopping. Our list of tips will provide multiple recommendations on how you can save money every time you go shopping.

Meal plans and lists

At the start of each week, try and plan out what you’ll be eating for meals. This will help you create a list of the exact products you’ll need for the week and stop you from loitering and overspending. This will also help minimise your wastage by making sure you eat up everything in your fridge. Be hard on yourself and only purchase the items on your list.

Buy in bulk

It’s much cheaper to buy products in bulk. You can use the leftovers for lunches or dinners in the preceding days, or even freeze the meal for the future. Definitely look to buy in bulk when your regular items are discounted. 

Use the rewards programs

This one is a big favourite. Considering how regularly you’re shopping at supermarkets, you’re bound to get that $10 off in no time. These programs are free to sign up for and they are also helpful in letting you know when you’re favourite/regularly purchased items are on sale.

Go to the markets

Not only a great outing with friends but going to the markets will bring you fresher products at better prices. If you feel comfortable, you can barter, and you can also buy in bulk here too. 

Grow your own

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a small herb garden is pretty easy to maintain and will save you that little bit extra money. 

Buy discounted/home brand products

Same products, many brands. If you aren’t attached to a particular brand then buy the cheapest. Whether that’s the discounted brands or home brands, most of them taste the exact same but for half the price. Be careful with discounts, make sure to check the units to make sure it’s the best deal. 

Bring your own bags

Not only is this better for the environment, but any money you can save (yes, we mean that 15 cents) is worth doing. 

Don’t shop hungry

It’s never a good idea to shop while being hungry. This is such a simple hack that will save you big-time. Say goodbye to the cookies and hello to your strict shopping list.

Start putting this extra cash into savings that will actually be worthwhile, like going travelling or buying a house. These tips are really as simple as they sound, but they’re going to help you save big-time.

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