The Rise of Polygamy: Meet the Three-Way Relationship Making News

Adam, Brooke and Jane announce a new baby on the way.

The Rise of Polygamy (Image source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink
The Rise of Polygamy (Image source:

We’ve all heard of it, the idea sharing multiple partners, but not many of us are directly impacted by or familiar with lasting polygamous relationships.

And it’s no wonder we haven’t. Most societies today believe in maintaining monogamous relationships. The idea of polygamy being more closely synonymous with being unfaithful or unable to commit.

The media, namely film and TV, have told us that even casual relationships can’t work, as jealousy is guaranteed to ensue. And there is a certain bad reputation behind the idea of sustaining multiple partners.

The Rise of Polygamy (Image source:
The Rise of Polygamy

But, for partners, Adam Lyons, Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova, their three-way relationship is the best choice for them.

Lyons, the only male in the group, has been termed the “luckiest man alive” for securing a relationship with the two women. But all three of them feel they are winning out in their committed relationship.

Lyons and Shedd already share a child, Dante, aged 2, as well as Oliver (Shedd’s son and Lyons’ step-son). But now, the three have shed even more light on their relationship, with Shalakhova having just announced a new child to be introduced to the family.

The three believe that for them, three definitely works better than two, finding daily life much easier to handle. Unlike their friends who are in “normal” relationships, the three will always have someone able to watch the children, making their lives so much more freeing. Shalakhova even claimed that her current relationship is what lead her to believe she could have a child of her own.

The news has already reached all parts of the globes, with many fascinated by their strong relationship with one another. It will be interesting to see whether more polygamous relationships will start sharing their stories.

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