People are Loving Ellen’s Awkward Interview with Jessica Simpson

Ellen struggles to keep up with Simpson’s bizarre responses.

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Jessica Simpson on Ellen Ellen Degeneres

While Jessica Simpson’s reign was probably more recognised during the noughties, she is still a well-recognised name, and one that’s still making plenty of money.
Recently, the singer, actor and clothing designer appeared on the Ellen show to promote her clothing line.
Jessica’s ditzy persona has been a long-running reputation of hers, leaving the media with some pretty memorable quotes. But this interview with Ellen was just confusing.
During the conversation, Ellen tries grasp at whatever she can make of Jessica’s sound bites. The two converse with an awkward back and forth, pausing and awkwardly interrupting each other.
Ellen seems well aware that the interview is a little strange, taking a few moments to look into the camera or at the audience in confusion. Jessica’s responses seem to be a conversation with herself as she jumps between fragmented sentences.
At one point, Simpson explains a disjointed story of how her husband manages to sleep and massage her at the same time.
Ellen is perplexed by the idea, saying “Maybe he’s not really sleeping, Jessica, maybe he pretends that he’s sleeping.”
“Maybe I’m just impressed by him.” Jessica replies.
“No, but seriously. How can he massage you while he’s asleep?” Ellen says.

Perhaps it’s Simpson’s minimal exposure to the cameras that has left her feeling a little frazzled by the interviewing process. Whatever it is, it sure is fun to watch. See if you can follow Jessica’s train of thought below.