Review: The 5 Best Tracks From Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation.

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Beyoncé has it going on. Her latest, sixth solo ‘visual’ album, similar to her last effort, Beyoncé, is among us. It has been a month since Beyoncé’s new album ‘Lemonade’ was released, though it is still only available on Tidal at the moment, or you could pay £13.99 on iTunes.

Here’s the current word from Spotify: “Beyoncé’s album is not currently available on Spotify. We love Beyoncé’ and we hope that we’ll have the album on Spotify very soon.”

Don’t worry, we’ve had a listen of the album, along with many of the beehive, of course, and put together this review.

Bey addresses race, marriage, feminism, and everything in between throughout the thirteen-track release. Certainly, any Bey release is a huge event, but this album is getting particular attention as Beyoncé appears to discuss her husband’s Jay Z’s infidelities.

Here are our Top 5 tracks:

1. Pray You Catch Me:
Bey tells the story as if she’s passing the information on to a dear friend. The lyrics immediately escort us into her inner-circle, like a trusted friend. It’s also the perfect introduction to the organic, sophisticated sound that shapes the album. Bey’s breathy vocals are layered over one and another before the track turns into a piano ballad that sets the scene for something transformative.

Key lyrics: “You can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath as you pass it off so cavalier.”

2. Hold Up
This song took me out of reality. There is an ease to it. The tempo and tone thaw out on “Hold Up,” a soulful sound, like a cross between Amy Winehouse circa Frank and Lady Saw. The superstar is getting upfront and personal and looks into an unfaithful lover.

Key lyrics: “I smell your secret and I’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless / How did it come to this? Going through your call list / I don’t want to lose my pride, but I’mma f**k me up a b***h.”

3. Don’t Hurt Yourself feat. Jack White
The first collaboration on Lemonade, featuring Jack White, is a perfect blend of R&B and rock. With a muffled delivery, Bey near-screams to open the track. At the end of the track, Bey is literally screaming at her cheating man, telling him to “Give my big / fat a** a kiss, boy!”

Key lyrics: “You ain’t married to some average b***h, boy!”

4. Sorry
Sorry, she ain’t sorry.

The song might be titled “Sorry,” but dive into the track and soon you realize, Queen B is anything but sorry. “Sorry” is a trap beat with lyrics like “Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home / Today I regret the night I put that ring on.” Bey gave out some final words on ‘Becky with the good hair’, Rachel Roy, (who has been rumoured to be Jay Z’s former side chick) and all the haters.

Key lyrics: “Middle fingers up, put ‘em hands high / Wave ‘em in his face / Tell him ‘boy, bye.’”

5. Formation
Definitely, nothing new to say about “Formation,” which got blown into beautiful oblivion before anyone had won the Super Bowl. “Formation” really has no justifiable place on the Lemonade project, and this track isn’t even featured in the album’s short film. However, this song is all about female empowerment, all about Bey. It’s Run The World(Girls) all over again. Bey at her finest.

If you haven’t seen Formation yet:

Key lyrics: “Okay, okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, cause I slay.”

How would you rate the album?

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