Properties of the Rich and Famous

See the homes celebrities are buying, renting, or selling

Home of the rich and famous (Image Source: homes.nine),, crowd ink, crowdink
Home of the rich and famous (Image Source: homes.nine)

shFor a lot of people, spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a home or paying, what feels like, an equal amount in rent is extravagant already, but for celebrities—that’s chump change.

Recently, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes actor Robert Downey Jr bought a historic Windmill House in the Hamptons for $15.9million and, needless to say, it certainly seems worth it.

Home of the rich and famous (Image Source: homes.nine),, crowd ink, crowdink
RDJ’s Windmill House (Image Source: homes.nine)

On the other side of the coin though, actress Diane Keaton’s former Laguna Beach home has recently been re-listed for $16million. Keaton originally bought the beachside home for $7.5million in 2004, flipped it and then sold it for $12.7million—not only got back what she paid, but also earning $5.2million.

Home of the rich and famous (Image Source: homes.nine),, crowd ink, crowdink
Diane Keaton selling beach side home (Image Source:

Similarly, former One Direction singer Harry Styles is also selling his Hollywood Hills home for $11.37million, even though he only bought it last year for $9.2million. No doubt any massive Harry Styles/One Direction fan would love to just look around the home.

Harry Styles' Hollywood Hills Mansion (Image Source: homes.nine),, crowd ink, crowdink
Harry Styles’ Hollywood Hills Mansion (Image Source: homes.nine)

But if buying or selling a home isn’t your cup of tea right now, how about renting?

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, reportedly spends more money on rent than the average person earns in a year at her Beverly Hills rental and despite owning FOUR other homes.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Kylie Jenner's rental (Image Source: homes.nine)
Kylie Jenner’s rental (Image Source: homes.nine)

Kylie is apparently spending $167,000 per month on rent in this lavish BH home while her main residence is being renovated.

But to bring this article home just a little bit, and at a cheaper price tag, Aussie actor Hugh Sheridan’s home from House Husbands is up for sale—all you need is between $5-$5.5million.


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