Primer: What is it, and do I Need to use it?

It’s more important than you think!

Primer: What is it, and do I Need to use it?

Primer is one of those strange beauty products that no one really understands. Does it do anything? Do you need to use it? When do you need to use it? Well, wonder no more. We’re here to answer all your primer related questions.

What is it?

At its simplest, primer is used as a base for make-up, particularly foundation or other face make-ups. It enables the make-up to go on smoother and to last for longer. Primer prepares the skin and gives the next layer of make-up something to hold onto so that it lasts.

Which is best?

Lots of primers promise to do different things. Some blur the skin and smooth fine lines, wrinkles or pores. There are others that will colour correct or conceal acne and other skin problems. Some hydrate the skin and make it appear dewy, while others promise to mitigate oiliness.

The frustrating part about primer is that it is difficult to test how effective it is, because they are often clear and applied under make-up. If you try a range of primers you will be able to figure out which primer works, and which works best for you. Ask for testers at your favourite make-up store to help you decide what is worth investing in.

How do I apply?

Primer is easy to use. It can be applied with your hands and should be applied after your skincare routine and before any other make-up. It can be worn by itself, under foundation or tinted moisturiser. Simple!

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