How Often Should You Really Wash Your Clothes

How many wears before wash

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Wash Your Clothes

Many of us have probably worn an outfit a few too many days, because you can’t be bothered washing it.

But how many wears can you really get from an outfit?

For different garments it can be difficult to tell how often you should wash it.

If you wash your clothes too often, you can shorten their lifespan and wear them out quickly.

However, if you are not washing your clothes enough it can become unhygienic and cause bacteria growth.

Here is a general guide to help you get the balance.


Bras: After three to four wears.

Underwear: After every wear.

Socks and stockings: After every wear.

Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.

Jeans: Five to six wears. Although there are some people that advocate washing jeans as little as possible.

Tops: One to two wears.

Dresses: One to two wears.

Leggings: One to two wears.

Pants, skirts, and shorts: Three to four wears.

Jackets and blazers: Five to six wears.

Coats: Once every two months of wear.

Hats, gloves and scarves: Three to five times a season

PJs: Three to four wears.

Formal Dresses: a trip to the dry cleaners needs to be made after every night out.