Natural Non Toxic Slug and Snail Deterrent for Your Garden

A safe and easy way to deter those slugs and snails.

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It’s that time of year again, and a lovely spring has arrived bringing with it warmer days and nights.

Unfortunately the slugs and snails think so too, and are getting ready to devour anything they fancy in your gardens, and on your balconies. So to help you safeguard your flowers, fruit, salads and veggies with ease (after all your hard work!), we know that you will love our Slug and Snail Copper Barrier Tape, which is the ideal alternative for organic gardeners. It’s so simple to use, just peel off the back of the self-adhesive and waterproof tape and place it around your planters, raised beds, the trunks of your citrus trees, doorsteps, even your postboxes, (to stop them devouring your daily post!) so that when a slug or snail attempts to cross, a small electrical charge is created naturally by the copper in the tape which will repel them, and not harm them.

No more worrying about having to keep children and pets away from the poisons and pesticide sprays, pellets and other toxins. You are happy in the knowledge that it’s a safe green alternative, as snail bait has been known to affect the nervous system, and cause tremor and seizures.

The copper barrier tape can also help to avoid your pets contracting lung worm from slugs and snails getting into their food bowls. Simply apply the copper tape to the outside of their food and water bowls, kennels and hutches.

Place it around:

Pots and planters – stopping them eating your favourite flowers
Fruit trees – safeguarding your fruit crops
Letterboxes – stopping your mail being nibbled
Raised beds – safeguard your veggies and herbs
Pet food bowls – help stop lungworm in your pets
Doorsteps – stop them entering your home

Check out more about the Slug and Snail Copper Barrier Tape here.

Natural Non Toxic Slug and Snail Deterrent for Your Garden (Image Source: DIY projects for teens),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Natural Non Toxic Slug and Snail Deterrent for Your Garden