Minimalist Clothing is the Latest Trend: Here’s Where you can Buy Some

The minimalist brands you need to be shopping at to build your timeless and chic wardrobe.

Minimalist Clothing is the Latest Trend: Here’s Where you can Buy Some

Social media has brought many great opportunities to businesses. Organisations can now communicate directly with their consumers in ways not previously possible. This gives great access to building brand awareness, engagement and loyalty if taught how to use correctly.

Each social media platform holds a range of tools that allow you to connect with audiences in different ways. Twitter allows you to use hashtags to generate awareness or easily repost content to grow your reach. Facebook allows you to write long texts to communicate important messages you wish to share with your community, as well as create community pages to share relevant information with select audiences. Instagram also provides many features for brands to increase their brand awareness and loyalty. Some of these include:

  • IGTV: this feature allows you to create short videos that you can share with your audiences. Whether you want to use this as a platform to talk about your brand, do a Q&A with an influencer or create a collaboration video, these IGTV’s help bring more personality to your account.
  • Instagram stories: Instagram stories are a great way to grow brand awareness. One of Instagram’s latest update features now allows stories to appear on the popular/trending page, therefore you may find your brand reaching audiences you never have reached previously. This is a great feature to share information, recommendations and updates about your business.
  • Instagram polls/stickers: a tool that you can find when using Instagram stories, Instagram polls are a great (and free) way to get feedback from your customers. Whether you’re asking questions about what content your audience wants to see or improvements they recommend or simply just asking everyday questions to build consumer relationships.
  • Boomerangs: boomerangs are a fun and interesting way to make your accounts more playful. You can have the same content you would have for a static graphic, but this tool will bring uniqueness to your post and help it to stand out amongst the clutter. 
  • Instagram slideshow: this tool allows you to post up to 10 photos all in the one post. This is the perfect feature for spreading information across different slides to make it easier to read while allowing you to post multiple designs/greater information in one go. 

These are just some of the many features Instagram provides you with to generate more awareness and create stronger connections and loyalty with your audience. Considering these tools are free to everyone, this is the perfect way to increase the impact of your business in the digital world.

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