Melbourne Show gets “Funky”

The Melbourne Show isn’t a regular show; it’s a cool show!

Melbourne Show (Image Source- Herald Sun)
Melbourne Show (Image Source- Herald Sun)

The Royal Melbourne Show is in its 162nd year and somehow has only just begun to seem dated. There is no shortage of young parents with showbag-loaded prams, crashing their way through stations and road crossings. However while the kids are getting their Bertie Beetle fix and their parents’ have an existential crisis over why they decided to reproduce, there is an obviously visible gap in the millennial market.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria have noted the valuable absence of 18-35 year olds and have quite literally cooked up a strategy the kids can’t refuse. ‘The Meadow’ is the Show’s new introduction of 2018 and is fully catered with pop up restaurants and “great night-time music and entertainment.” The show goes on well after dark into the late hour of 9pm and also has premium wine, beer and cocktails on offer.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Chief Executive, Paul Guerra spoke on the importance of something like the Meadow, “We need these events to continue to glue the community together.” Although Guerra then reiterated the antiquity of the show by referring to the new concept as “a bit more laid back, a bit more funky.” It’s probably worth the trip for after work drinks and who knows, you might pick up a WizzFizz showbag on the way.