How to Make a Tinder Profile That Will Actually get you Matches

How to turn a swipe left into a swipe right.

Happy Couple,, crowdink, crowd ink
Happy Couple (source: African Rubiz)

Whether you’ve just begun your online profile game or are a tinder veteran, creating a profile can be a difficult task.

You want something that sums up your personality, but it’s so hard to do that within the constraints of six pictures and a small biography!

So many people struggle to present themselves in a positive way.

Countless of my wonderful, incredible friends have created dodgy profiles and then wondered why they haven’t got any matches.

So here are so tips to turn all those swipe lefts into swipe rights. Good luck and happy swiping!

Have a good profile picture

First of all you want a good profile picture. But what makes a good profile picture I hear you say! Well first of all, here’s what isn’t good:

– Topless selfies
– Bad quality photos
– Pictures with your ex
– Faceless photos
– Memes
– Sunglasses that cover your face

This is the first photo everyone will see so you want to put your best foot forward. You want something that represents you best, whether you think that’s in a t-shirt or suit. I recommend a simple smiling photo where you feel confident. Or a photo with a cute animal always goes down well.

Group photos- in moderation

Group photos can be good. They show that you’re social and have a great group of friends. However, if someone has to squint and look through all your photos to find out which one you are, you’re using too many group photos. This isn’t Where’s Wally. Make it easy for them.

Not too many selfies

In saying that, selfies can make you look arrogant and vain. Find the perfect balance between selfies, group photos and images of you partaking in hobbies.

Most importantly, your pictures should give others a sense of your personality. If you like music, or are outdoorsy, or a bit of a goofball show it in your pics.

Avoid clichés in your bio

Never skip the bio section. However, also stay away from cliché phrases that everyone uses. Things like "Let's go on an adventure!" and "I like to laugh, hang out with my friends, and have fun” are vague and basic.

Instead try opting for something short and sweet. A few hobbies, your favourite TV shows or a fun fact. Don’t make it too long- no one comes onto Tinder to read a novel.

If all else fails, a quote from The Simpsons is a great fall back.

Check your grammar

A recent study showed that more than 65 per cent of females considered poor grammar to be a "deal breaker" when it came to dating sites.

And this is such a simple thing to fix! Always proofread for grammar and spelling errors.