How to Look Like Kim Kardashian in a One-Piece

One-piece swimsuits have made a comeback this year with many Australian designers returning to the classic and timeless style.

One Piece (Image Source: FashionGum),,, crowd ink, crowdink
One Piece (Image Source: FashionGum)

While summertime can be daunting for many who dread searching for the perfect swimwear to fit and make them feel comfortable, this feeling is usually heightened by the lack of options when it comes to the seemingly illusive perfect fitting one-piece bathing suit.

This year however, trends are changing with some of Australia’s best swimwear brands designing and including a variety of one-piece suits in their collections for this summer season.

A few years ago, the sight of women lounging in a one-piece swimsuit would have been rare. In our society, the whole reason to wear a bikini was to show off your skin as that’s what was considered sexy. These days the ideals have shifted causing a change in societal rules and liberating women to wear whatever they want to the beach.

And while this year marked the 70th anniversary of the bikini, these new societal values show a shift as the one-piece makes a comeback and the original bikini becomes less popular.

For years the one-piece was associated with being modest and sophisticated. It was also directed towards middle-aged woman. However, with the growing trend of simplicity and minimalist fashion on the rise, it is no surprise that swimwear has followed the trend and one back to basics.

Changing the one size fits all policy and creating flattering pieces with emphasis on size, fit and shape is just one of the reasons this golden oldie is making a fast comeback. This style making women proud and confident in themselves, their bodies and allowing them to challenge society’s views on what is found sexy or beautiful.

Helping to bring the one-piece into this day and age, designers are using modern twists to change and develop the style making the pieces unique in their own way. These include using cut outs to change the shape of the body piece or different straps and cuts to cater for different body types.

This also coincides with the popularity if the high-waisted one-pieces throughout celebrity circles with people like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian leading the way in showing more is more in this instance. In turn, these swimsuits have come to encourage curvy women to embrace their bodies and rock a classic one-piece without the fear of it putting them into the middle-aged women category.

Thanks to this, women of all shapes and sizes are embracing their bodies and deciding what they want to wear on their own terms, the comeback a welcome change from the bikini dominated swimsuit industry.

This summer, Australian designers will stock a few different options, with something unique for everyone and elements like plunging necklines, fun prints and embellished details allowing you to find your perfect fit.

So embrace the comeback and find a style that suits you.