Let’s Stop Asking “Who Wore it Better?”

There’s something very wrong with telling women that they’re competing.

Who wore it better? (Image Source: bored panda.com), crowdink, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Who wore it better? (Image Source: bored panda.com)

From as early as a young girl, I have had forced down my throat the idea that other women were my competition.
Going through my mother’s magazines, I would flick through the fashion section brimming with shots of women posing, with editors comparing and critiquing their outfit choices. Not once did I consider that there were no magazines doing the same with men.
The “who wore it better?” is everywhere in fashion, news and lifestyle publications. Two women wearing the same outfit, and one ultimately coming out as the victor.
The unfortunate thing about this section of magazines is it automatically pins women against each other. If we share something similar, it shouldn’t be an opportunity to celebrate, but an opportunity to compete with one another.
Being surrounded by this idea, you automatically begin fearing that you’ll catch another woman wearing the same outfit. And, when you do find one, it’s a near fight-to-the-death over who is the fashion “winner”.
And let’s not get into the whole body shaming that surrounds the “who wore it better”.
Comparing women based on their fashion choices not only fuels women-on-women competition, but it undermines the worth of them. Instead of considering their skills, we talk about what they’re wearing.
So let’s stop looking at women’s matching outfit and choosing the winner. Let’s celebrate our matching outfits, applaud each other’s taste and come together in unity.
Check out some of these women equally rocking their matching outfits. No competition necessary.


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