Les Calanques

The most marvellous sight you ever will see.


If ever you find yourself in Marseille in the south of France, then I urge you to dedicate a day to spend at the marvellous Calanques, a cliff side paradise reminiscent of dreams and the picture of magic.

The Calanques span over 20 kilometres of rocky massifs, the white of the stone in stark contrast to the remarkable Mediterranean blues that ebb and flow in the waters below.

If you have convenient access to a kayak, or the funds to utilise a charter boat, then I would strongly encourage you to use them, as boat is truly the best way to visit the scenic region.

This is not to say of course that walking should be dismissed.

If you are on more of a backpacker’s budget, then taking bus number 19 from Marseille town is an excellent choice. That will take you to a bus station at the top of the park, where you will find the Calanques after about a 40-60- minute walk depending on your speed.

Be sure to pack a water bottle, food and a camera because once you find this sweet spot, you’ll want to remember it forever.