Justin Bieber Loves Himself- Why we Should Too.

You either love him or hate him, but you can’t deny that confidence is sexy.

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Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

You either love him or hate him (myself the former- forever 16), but you can’t deny that confidence is sexy. Justin Bieber just confirmed this ‘sexy confidence’ by tweeting “Watched Never say Never on Netflix. Great movie.”

Ha! Good one.

Never say never is his movie, the story of his road to stardom and the difficult path it took to get there. His parents were divorced you guys. Divorced.

That’s tough.

The movie recently dropped on Netflix and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be ripping into that bad boy with a tracksuit on my bod and a glass of red in hand as soon as I get home from the office tonight. It’s going to be one hell of a ride and you’re all invited.

Whilst some may view Bieber’s post as a form of arrogant narcissism I view it as a kind of cheeky confidence.

And what’s hotter than confidence? I can only think of the sun, which has the distinct advantage of being an enormous ball of fire.

At the start of every new year since the beginning of time (I wasn’t there so cannot confirm this but it seems about right) we have been encouraged to lose weight, eat healthier and better ourselves.

But why? Why not embrace ourselves as we are? Provided you aren’t morbidly obese and on the cusp of endangering your own life then you are probably pretty damn alright. As Bieber’s hot hit Love Yourself poignantly suggests maybe you should love yourself.


When you’re trying on a new bikini in the store with those horrible lights and that cellulite is beaming back at you in the mirror what do you do? You love yourself.

When you want that ice-cream but you’re nervous about where it will end up- stomach or thighs, you lick that bad boy all up in there and you treat yourself. And then, you love yourself.

Ask yourself, what would Justin do? He would love himself.

So this Summer, as the glossy magazines endorse diets and excessive exercise regimes, ignore them, and instead play Love Yourself on repeat, loud enough that you hear his message, but not so loud your neighbours call the police.

Thank you Justin Bieber, for being an endless supply of wisdom. You do you this Summer baby.