Jordan Peele Tries his Luck in Horror

Get Out combines racial issues and horror to create something you’ve never seen before.

Jordan Peele,, crowd ink, crowdink
Jordan Peele (source: Screen Rant)

You may know Jordan Peele from his comedy work on his show, Key & Peele. And while his comedic skills are superb, Peele, a personal lover of horror films, felt it was time to give making his own thrilling flick a go.

Get Out, set to release at the end of February, has all the common tropes of a typical horror; a mysterious town, an outsider protagonist. But this one is a little different. From the trailer, the film focuses its horror heavily on a very creepy idea of race.

The protagonist, Chris, is visiting his new girlfriend’s hometown and parents, and comes to find himself in a rather backwards suburb. Suspicions arise when he notices the odd behaviours of the small number of black people in the community and discovers a dark history.

Sound intriguing? Check it out for yourself, great reviews are already rolling in.