Ivadore Releases a Customisable Skincare Line. We Love It.

The “Feature It” range from ivadore is changing the face of skincare by allowing people to customise the three products in the range to suit their skincare needs.

ivadore Feature It Line [image source: facebook @ivadore], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
ivadore Feature It Line [image source: facebook @ivadore]

The “Feature It” range from ivadore is changing the face of skincare by allowing people to customise the three products in the range to suit their skincare needs.

Of the new range the founder of ivadore, Tanya Felli, says, “When I first started creating natural skincare solutions it was for my friends and family and I realised the importance of customisation. No one’s skin is the same and we all face different issues that may require special treatment. When I launched ivadore I knew that customisation needed to be a central element of the brand and the“Feature It” range is just the first stage. Our goal is to provide people with highly effective skincare options that deliver each individual optimal results.”

ivadore launched earlier this year with a pioneering two in one natural tanning treatment and luxurious moisturiser that successfully eliminated the common issues people have with self-tanning treatments through its advanced formula and the use of rare natural ingredients.

The launch of the “Feature It” range propels ivadore further on their mission to innovate the natural skincare industry. The three core products in the range, named to reflect their distinctive purposes, are REVIVE a double action exfoliating pearl polish, NURTURE a powerful antioxidant serum and LOVE which is a deluxe oil treatment. Each core product is complimented and enhanced by two optional Features that people can select as an add-on to target specific issues or for advanced results.

ivadore has once again used premium, cutting-edge natural ingredients to produce both the core products in the range as well as the Features. Some Features also boast the power of some of the most effective, clean and safe cosmeceuticals available to deliver additional anti-ageing benefits to those who want them. The core products have all been carefully formulated to be beneficial and suitable for all skin types with customisations that target some of the issues associated with different skin types.

Each core product has Main Base Ingredients that make up the most essential part of the formula and Standard Key Ingredients, which may vary when the product is ordered with an added Feature. Tanya says, “Whilst we all have different skin, with different needs, there’s many common issues and there’s also many common goals, for example most of us value anti-ageing properties in our skincare, and in actual fact it’s important that we have them, even from the age of 20, because the damage is happening then even though it may not show up until our 40s. So when we formulated the “Feature It” range we placed a significant emphasis on the common desire to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin.”

Some of the more interesting and special ingredients incorporated in the range include, one of nature’s finest exfoliating teams Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and Beta Hydroxy Acid’s (BHA’s), the molecule of youth Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and the natural ingredient of the moment Dragons Blood.

ivadore has also incorporated Vitaplex into the range, which is a highly concentrated combination of Vitamins, specifically designed to protect and beautify the skin. On the anti-ageing front highly noteworthy ingredients include two powerful Peptides. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide -3, which studies have shown to be as effective as Retinol at healing wrinkles and Palmitoyl Tripeptide – 5, which is considered to be a viable alternative to collagen injections.

The “Feature It” range also incorporates the essential oils of commonly consumed foods, two unexpected ones being, Celery, which helps to detox the skin, and Parsley, which has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In keeping with the values the brand launched with, ivadore have used every ingredient at an active percentage to ensure people receive the full benefits of every item on the label.

ivadore believe the future of skincare lies in catering more accurately to individual needs with products that are formulated to deliver real results and the “Feature It” range marks their first steps in this new customisable direction. By taking this unique approach to the way we care for our skin ivadore not only demonstrates their commitment to setting a new benchmark for natural beauty products, but their ability to do so.

It’s natural beauty at its finest, it’s ivadore.