An Interview with Sarah Jean Plumpton -Founder of The Success Muse.

From an early age Sarah was destined to create her own business empire.

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Sarah Jean Plumpton

We love hearing from entrepreneurs who are killing it in their field. Recently, we got a chance to speak to Sarah Plumpton, a Forex trader and owner of her business, The Success Muse.

From an early age Sarah was destined to create her own business empire. With her family building successful businesses in the coal, oil and gas industries, it was no wonder Sarah was soon following in their entrepreneurial footsteps.

Before beginning her journey into foreign exchange, Sarah wasn’t confident she had the experience or background to work in the industry. But, after being introduced to a book, Trading, The New Way of Living, she discovered that it was easily possible for her to start and succeed in the industry. From there, Sarah moved from her hometown in Mackay to the busy Brisbane. Inspired by business literature, she is now working her way through reading The Laws of Success, and gaining as much information so she can to truly immerse herself into the business world.

It takes a particular sense of ambition to work as an entrepreneur. Someone motivated, flexible and willing to go the hard yards. For Sarah, a normal job just wasn’t going to cut it, as she found herself unmotivated and disliking the lack of loyalty many companies had with their workers. It was clear starting up a business on her own was the best way to have a truly rewarding career.

To be a success, Sarah believes sticking with your goals, and having great flexibility is crucial. Setbacks are inevitable, and it’s important for Sarah to be prepared and accepting of that. She also believes in being coachable and willing to learn, as stubbornness in your business can be an automatic downfall.

These attitudes clearly reflect her goals and ambitions. Sarah sticks to what she wants. She hopes to make her first million by 2018, and is working towards fully launching The Success Muse by next year.

Like most other successful entrepreneurs, Sarah loves what she does. She doesn’t feel any need to find enjoyment in other areas because her work is her passion. She uses her downtime like any other person, going to gigs and shows, exploring nature, but at the end of the day, the best part of her life is her career.

A good support system is essential in making the most of your goals, and Sarah was fortunate enough to have inspiring, hard working parents and mentors that motivate her. Sarah Plumpton is confident and committed, she doesn’t undervalue the opportunities she gets and takes every opportunity as a learning curve for her career.

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