The Iconic’s New Tool Will Have You Waving Goodbye To Your Savings

The online retailer is taking shopping to a whole new level

Iconic New App
Iconic New App

If you’ve been lusting over some clothes or accessories you’ve seen on Instagram, lust no longer. In good news for some, and maybe not so good news for those of us on a budget, The Iconic have introduced a brand new app to make shopping even easier. The app, Snap To Shop, has been dubbed “Shazam but for clothes,” and is going to shake up the way we shop for good.

Similar to Shazam, users input a photograph of the item they want – this could be a screenshot of a fashion blogger or an outfit right off the runway – and the app sorts through The Iconic’s 50,000 products to find the closest matches for you. With such a huge number of products in stock, The Iconic is one shop that can pull off this sort of app better than others.

The app isn’t perfect yet – you can’t narrow down exactly what part of the image you want to focus on, so if your picture has a skirt and top in it, for example, the app might just spit out all skirts. There are still some kinks to be ironed out about the accuracy of the app, too, but it’s early days.

Until then, I suppose it’s time to start screenshotting your favourite fashion bloggers’ Instagrams.

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