How to Save Money But Still Have a Life — Student Edition

The struggles of being a student are all too true, so here are some tips to make it just a little bit easier.

How to Save Money But Still Have a Life — Student Edition

Being thrown into the deep end of the real world is all very overwhelming, especially when you’ve just graduated from the comfort of high school. For some of you, paying your own way through students fees and living expenses are very stressful ordeals, which can sometimes make you feel like you have to miss out on the fun of being a uni student.

Here are some ways to save money whilst working part time, as well as studying- and no, you don’t have to live off two minute noodles.

1. Cancel that gym membership! If you’re living on campus, chances are you can sign up to the university gym for free, or next to nothing.

2. Consider buying second hand. Whether that be going to your local op-shop to snatch up some funky new clothes, accessories or even books and homewares, you’re guaranteed to find a bargain!

3. Download fast food apps. If you’re feeling like a bit of a treat, then there are some great deals on the apps that can’t be found in store. Did somebody say $3 BigMac?! Yes please!

4. Sell your old stuff on Facebook Marketplace. Wait! Before you throw that old board game out, try selling it first. You won’t believe the things that people buy online. $10 here, $15 there— it all adds up!

5. Why not try online surveys. Instead of scrolling through TikTok in your spare time, why not complete some online surveys? Sites like Pureprofile reward you for doing short surveys and sign up is easy!

6. Don’t shop when you’re hungry! The entire chips and lollies aisle will end up in your trolley.

7. Pre drink (responsibly) on a night out. Drinks at the club are expensive, don’t be silly! Premix those vodka cranberries yourself!