Hot Dogs: The Caviar of Copenhagen

My husband and I went to Copenhagen, Demark for the most bizarre reason. It's worth it.

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Hot Dogs (Image Source: Indagare)

My husband and I are perpetual travelers, so we move to a new city or country every 2-6 weeks or so.

We wanted to go to Copenhagen, Denmark to sample all the hot dogs, on our own ‘Hot Dog’ Tour!

We tried different types of hot dogs all over Copenhagen.

We sampled ones from street carts (for 1 EURO), all the way up to gourmet hot dogs (for around 6-8 Euros).

Another highlight was going to the Nyhavn, which is a famous and picturesque waterfront filled with little eateries, a canal, and boats that stretched across the waterfront.

If you’re looking to go on your own hot dog tour, be careful with the Copenhagen City Cards.

My husband and I had just bought a Copenhagen City Card and jumped onto a train, intending to fill out the card while on board. A ticket guy came up to us the minute we sat down and wanted to fine us for not filling out our card before we got onboard.

It was a little bit freaky! We managed to convince him with a few words lost in translation, that we had just got the card and weren’t trying to get a free trip!

Tips for Hot Doggin’ Your Way Through Copenhagen:

Buy a Copenhagen City Card for discounts, and fill it out before you use it!

Go to Nyhavn and eat on the waterfront.

Go on a canal cruise from Nyhavn.

Spend the money and get a gourmet hot dog. They are worth it!