Home DIY Roundup: Easy Weekend Projects!

Home looking a bit down in the dumps? Sofa’s been attacked by your cat? Need a project for the weekend? We’ve got the latest DIY ideas covered for you.

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DIY around the house

I sometimes find I am constantly buying furniture and new things for my home. There are definitely things that could be fixed, if only I knew how! After some research, I have found some great quick fixes to give your home have that ‘brand new’ feel (and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

Rustic Headboard with Pallets

This is a great way to give your bedroom some character! Rather than buying a headboard, create your own. Adding a stain or sealant to the wood gives it that great rustic and simple look. It is definitely an easy project that any skill level can accomplish.

The Couch Makeover

Have a sad-looking couch? This quick and easy fix will give your old looking couch a facelift! All you need is some fabric, a staple gun (yes I know, you’re thinking why on earth…) and a sewing machine. Take a look:

Quick Deck Tiles

Want a fresh looking balcony, but don’t want to pay $$$$ for a deck? Quick deck tiles are a new and creative way to brighten up small floor spaces. Available in many outdoor stores, these will totally re-create your floor areas!

DIY Tissue Box Covers

Disposable tissue box designs tend to (pardon the pun) blow. Rather than spending time looking for pretty prints, create your own covers. Using wood, paper, or even fabrics, your tissue boxes will be looking fab in no time.

DIY Concrete Lamp

For the few of us that like a challenge, I give you: a concrete lamp. This swift design is modern and would look perfect in any bathroom or bedroom.

Terrarium Ideas

These are SO in at the moment! Any home store sells these, but as you’d guess they’re not the cheapest. So instead, create your own. They are super easy, just need some supplies from your local pet store.