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Custom framing goes beyond artwork.

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When it comes to framing your precious possessions, it is easy to settle on a ready-made frame as your solution. Many of us struggle to justify spending that extra money on a custom frame for a piece of art, especially if you don’t hold much attachment to the piece in the first place.

However, have you ever thought about how you could display those special pieces that you want to show off, but don’t know how to? Those possessions we store away so they are preserved and protected from any damage, like the war medals or embellished brooches that have been passed down through generations, or the signed jersey of your favourite (and now retired) AFL player.

Custom framing goes beyond artwork, and the team at Regent Galleryunderstand this. That is why we create a large range of custom frames for those special pieces that deserve to be showcased throughout your home, office or favourite space. A custom frame does prove more costly than your stock standard store-bought option, but this bespoke alternative can really do wonders when it comes to enhancing and protecting your most prized possessions.

Regent Gallery strives to work with you to create a frame that is truly personalised to your art and your home, allowing it to fit in with your aesthetic rather than competing with it. The careful consultation process involved with Regent Gallery’s custom framing service creates a frame that is simply an extension of your piece – through our expert advice and thorough experience, and your creative vision, we can work together to create a quality frame that perfectly enhances your piece of art or treasured sporting memorabilia.

Many people think of artwork when it comes to custom framing and while it is true that the right frame can boost your favourite painting, Regent Gallery creates custom frames for an extensive variety of pieces.

Our framing service for sporting memorabilia can range from sporting jerseys and shoes to sports balls and equipment. Music memorabilia such as records, CD covers and instruments can also be framed, as can family relics such as jewellery, crockery and other important heirlooms. Regent Gallery’s custom frames can also be created for your favourite photographs (think holiday memories, old family photos or even Polaroids and photo strips), kids’ artwork, textiles such as scarves, wallpaper and small tapestries, and maps and other architectural prints.

Whether you’d like to create an unforgettable gift for a special someone or just want to memorialise your prized possessions, a custom frame from the experts at Regent Gallery is the way to go.

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For over 55 years Regent Gallery has operated as an expert picture framing business within the industry. We pride ourselves on our exceptional dedicated customer service. Our second-generation Framer Karl Scopece oversees this specialist service which sets us apart from other framers. Only using the best industry equipment and materials we aim to help you successfully complete the framing and preservation of your special artwork. Regent Gallery manufacture, wholesale and retail, ready-made picture frames. Regent Gallery also digitally print photographs and canvas on site and also support local artists with a dedicated Gallery space.