Food Intolerances Are Not Allergies

There is a big difference in both symptoms and treatments for allergies and intolerances. Be informed.

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Food Intolerances Are Not Allergies

Not many people know the difference between a food allergy and intolerance so I hope to give a better understanding here.

When people complain of symptoms such as headaches, bloating, constipation or mood swings after eating; they are describing food intolerance, rather than food allergy.

During an allergic reaction to food, many irritant chemicals (such as histamine) are released into the tissues. The body releases IgE antibodies, which can result in itchy rashes, cough, wheeze, and the more severe allergic symptoms (anaphylaxis). These reactions are due to allergy, which is an immune system reaction to foods.

The more common reaction a food intolerance causes is an IgG antibody reaction, which can come on from a disturbed gut lining also known as leaky gut or can cause leaky gut. Long-term inflammation due to continued use of food/s that cause this IgG reaction could result in autoimmune disease and a large number of symptoms.

In children, I commonly see behavioral problem, many fears, bloating, headaches, and constipation. In adults, I commonly see digestive problems, headaches, eczema, fatigue, and insomnia.

A food intolerance test is done by taking a small amount of blood from the finger which is normally done by an alternative health practitioner and gives a good indication as to what food should be eliminated for a three month period while the body heals through the use of nutrients, herbs, probiotics, and homeopathic medicine. By healing the digestive system we are able to reduce or remove most intolerances.

A test for allergies is conducted by immunologist and is called a pick test where the skin subjected to difference allergen by pricking it to see what reaction it has. Some sensitivity to food allergies may be reduced through gut healing and desensitizing. The latest research sound promising on a new probiotic strain, which protect against allergies and seem to be missing in people with serve allergies.

After 3 months the foods are then re-introduced one by one and if the reaction is still present for those food/s such as dairy for example they must remain out of the diet completely so symptoms and inflammation do not return.