Five Clothing Hacks That Will Revamp Your Style


Keep it simple:

A fancy piece of clothing paired with a basic one is the combination you should be looking for. Such eclectic styling draws attention to one part of your body, whatever it is that you want to highlight and works best for all body types. And, you don’t need to go out looking for statement outfits, it’s right there in your wardrobe. Let’s start by pairing a basic long skirt with a printed blouse or a satin shirt.


Always wear a belt, always!

Belts work for women of all shapes and sizes. Broad belting at the narrowest part of your waist creates an hourglass figure that suits curvy women. Whereas accessorising with narrow bands or hip belts accentuate thinner waists and offers an unparalleled shape for any outfit.


Accessorise. Period.

Accessories make you look collected and effortless. No matter how messy your hair or outfit is, if you accessorise it well, you’re already looking different from the rest of the crowd. Choosing a statement piece that complements your style and preferences is a great way of revamping your style.


Iron your clothes.

Creases and wrinkles steal the thunder from your A game! Its best to iron your clothing before you jump-start your day. In fact, ironing removes smell and bacteria as well. So, do make some time to iron your clothes so that you can put your best and flawless front!


Comfort = fashion. 

Comfort fashion is on the rise and it’s here to stay! Especially after the pandemic, people prefer wearing trendy lounge wear. And it is as fashionable as it can get. Making a statement with matching separates or comfy overalls is all you need this summer!


So, follow these tips and keep experimenting. You don’t need to spend a lot and purchase new clothes. Instead start by making small changes in your existing closet and see how that goes.