Everything you Need to Know About Legally Blonde 3

Find out everything we know so far about the highly-anticipated Legally Blonde 3.

Everything You Need to Know About Legally Blonde 3

In a movie that made up a large portion of many people’s childhoods, Legally Blonde’s is one of the most iconic chick-flicks that’s ever existed. The first movie itself made over $141 million in box office sales globally. Whether it’s the bright pink outfits, the feminist hero that is Elle Woods, the sassy chihuahua Bruiser or even just the classic ‘bend or snap’ move, Legally Blonde is a timeless movie that still brings so much joy and inspiration to our lives some 19 years later.

Although production has had to be pushed back this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have officially been given a release date for the third movie. In a 20 Year Virtual Anniversary catch-up, stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge, Selma Blair and others announced that Legally Blonde 3 will be hitting the box office in May 2022.

American actress, comedian, writer and producer Mindy Kaling is set to join forces with Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator) to deliver us the contemporary and updated script of Elle Wood’s story.

The even better news is that many members from the original cast are just as keen for the threequel as we are – including Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette aka Elle’s best friend aka the leader of the ‘bend and snap’ movement), Luke Wilson (Emmett aka Elle’s husband) and Selma Blair (Vivian).

If the other two movies are anything to go off, Legally Blonde 3 is set to bring fashion, animals, feminist ideas and possibly a new iconic move to our lives. Elle Woods has been an iconic and timeless character, and we cannot wait to see where she has ended up (and how many goals she’s kicked) in the last 17 years.

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